Our Exceptional Physicians & Staff

Established in 1972, Southern Oregon Anesthesia is a physician-only group of highly-trained, board certified, competent and caring anesthesiologists committed to providing the highest quality anesthesia care in the Rogue Valley. Surgeons and patients have been placing their trust in our abilities for nearly 50 years.

Our Exceptional Physicians & Staff
Shane Ahlstrom, MDShane Ahlstrom, MD

Shane Ahlstrom, MD

Amanda Alford, MDAmanda Alford, MD

Amanda Alford, MD

Chase Altom, MDChase Altom, MD

Chase Altom, MD

Travis Behrend, MDTravis Behrend, MD

Travis Behrend, MD

Darik Benson, MDDarik Benson, MD

Darik Benson, MD

Garrett Bodine, MDGarrett Bodine, MD

Garrett Bodine, MD

Jason Brase, MDJason Brase, MD

Jason Brase, MD

Ben Brooksby, MD, PhDBen Brooksby, MD, PhD

Ben Brooksby, MD, PhD

Steven Burt, MDSteven Burt, MD

Steven Burt, MD

Steven Cannon, MDSteven Cannon, MD

Steven Cannon, MD

Jonathan Claassen, MDJonathan Claassen, MD

Jonathan Claassen, MD

Bryan Clark, MDBryan Clark, MD

Bryan Clark, MD

Derek De Vry, MDDerek De Vry, MD

Derek De Vry, MD

Emmanuel Edson, MDEmmanuel Edson, MD

Emmanuel Edson, MD

Daniel Fiddler, MDDaniel Fiddler, MD

Daniel Fiddler, MD

Jacob Flury, DOJacob Flury, DO

Jacob Flury, DO

Ashley Gabrielsen, DOAshley Gabrielsen, DO

Ashley Gabrielsen, DO

Paul Gunn, MDPaul Gunn, MD

Paul Gunn, MD

Brian Hall, MDBrian Hall, MD

Brian Hall, MD

Thomas Hammond, MDThomas Hammond, MD

Thomas Hammond, MD

Janae Hilton, MDJanae Hilton, MD

Janae Hilton, MD

Ted Mcgill, MDTed Mcgill, MD

Ted Mcgill, MD

Gregory Price, DOGregory Price, DO

Gregory Price, DO

Marcus Rampton, MDMarcus Rampton, MD

Marcus Rampton, MD

Christopher Sykes, MDChristopher Sykes, MD

Christopher Sykes, MD

Matthew Thompson, MDMatthew Thompson, MD

Matthew Thompson, MD

Erich Weber, MDErich Weber, MD

Erich Weber, MD

Suzanne Wurstle, MDSuzanne Wurstle, MD

Suzanne Wurstle, MD

Andrew Young, MDAndrew Young, MD

Andrew Young, MD

Karen WasniewskiKaren Wasniewski

Karen Wasniewski